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Docs / Using Google Cloud Storage

Using Google Cloud Storage for Media Upload with Marketmade Media

Marketmade Media is compatible with Google Cloud Storage buckets. The bucket must meet the following requirements to be considered compatible with Marketmade Media:

  1. Bucket must be created with fine-grain permissions (I.e. not Uniform) and Standard storage class
  2. A service account with JSON key is created with ‘Storage Admin’ privileges to the bucket and entered into the settings tab

The Google Cloud Storage bucket should be set to “allUsers” view permissions, so that the images and media uploaded can be viewed by the public. Marketmade strongly recommends setting up a CDN to this storage bucket to reduce cloud costs. If you are using imgix with Marketmade Media, then you can turn the bucket’s privacy to private, because imgix will serve all of the images with only their connection to the Google Cloud bucket.